Thursday, May 12, 2011

Damn ...

I just read this last night in Hoodlums: Black Villains and Social Bandits in American Life by William L. Van Deburg and needed to share it.

"In the five decades between the end of Radical Reconstruction and the start of the Great Depression, more than 3,200 black men, women, and children were executed by southern mobs. Few of the perpetrators were brought to justice, fewer still punished for their crimes. Evidencing a marked June-to-August seasonality and heavily concentrated in the "Black Belt" running through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, this plague of lynching fever peaked during the 1890s, went into remission during World War I, reappeared in the early 1920s, and experienced a final decline during the 1930s. Despite the best efforts of the reform press, the black pulpit, and groups such as the Commission on Interracial Corporation and the NAACP, vigilante 'justice' was meted out to a black victim nearly once a week, every week between 1882 and 1930."


  1. And to think that people in certain parts of the blogosphere say that African-Americans are violent because of a few videos on YouTube.....I will definitely pass this information along.

  2. i know alot about the Jesse Washington lynching, sadly it happened in my home town of Waco Texas. it just goes to show the brutality that whites had toward us. although we may have come fare, we have not fully overcome. African American need to know this information and pass it on.