Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby Socrates

One of the most fascinating aspects of being a parent is watching our little ones grow into full-fledged human beings. We document and beam with pride along with every development our children make: baby's first solid food, the subsequent first solid waste, baby's first crawl, baby's first steps, etc.

Well, I will forever shine when I remember Friday, September 2, 2011 (ironically enough, her grandfather's 63rd birthday) 6:17pm. It was the moment that not-yet-four-year-old KiddieBop (aka "The Kid," nee "Poohbutt") beat her father in an intellectual debate.

SCENE: Moving Car

KIDDIEBOP: Daddy, can we go for a walk after school on Monday.

DADDY: Maybe Tuesday. You won't be in school on Monday.


DADDY: Monday's Labor Day.

KIDDIEBOP: What's Labor Day?

DADDY: It's a holiday when we celebrate workers.

KIDDIEBOP: Am I a worker, Daddy?

DADDY: No, KiddieBop. Kids aren't workers.

(The Car drives by a recently constructed apartment building.)

KIDDIEBOP: Daddy? Are the people who built that building workers?

DADDY: Yes, KiddieBop. Builders are workers.

KIDDIEBOP: Daddy? Are the people who clean that building workers?

DADDY: Yes, KiddieBop. Cleaners are workers, too.

KIDDIEBOP: Daddy, remember how I helped Mommy clean the house yesterday?

DADDY: Yes, KiddieBop. I remember.

KIDDIEBOP: (laughing) Daddy, I'm a worker!!!

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