Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dear "Christian" "Constitutionalist"

I know this is like beatin' a dead ho'e in the mouth. I understand that anything I say will not, in any way, sway your world view. You have Truth--your own truth--a truth so deep--a truth so profound--it really has nothing to do with Truth at all. So, I don't even know why I'm bothering to write this.

It's just that, see, I'm a bit of a history nerd. History utterly fascinates me. I don't think it's his story or her story. It is our story. It is the most important story ever written and, for obvious reasons, is told and retold every day.

It's not just that people who don't understand it are doomed to repeat it. Respecting history is a way that we can understand where we are as a species, where we have come from, and where we are going. It is a way to respect the people who came before us.

It is important for all of us to get our history right. And when you morph it, rewrite it, totally ignore it, or mutilate it into a mangled corpse for your own designs, you do us all a disservice and spit on the graves of those you claim to admire. 

I know you won't, but I want you to keep that in mind when you say things like "The first unalienable Right, our Founding Fathers gave us, endowed by their Creator, was Life." Making such statements not-so-subtly implying  that Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and their ilk where Godly inspired to outlaw abortion. I want you to know that, though abortion did indeed exist even as far back as the founding of this country (even farther really), our Founding Fathers actually never, ever, ever outlawed abortion. 

In fact, it was not until 1821 that the first laws criminalizing abortion came into existence in the United States. By that time, the lion's share of our Founding Fathers had been out of office for decades. In fact, I think, only Jefferson, Adams, and Madison were still alive by that time.

I know why you make such blatantly false statements. Not only do you not know American history--you actually don't care too much for our country's history. It doesn't matter. You have an agenda. You will use any tool in your arsenal to promote your agenda. Truth is simply another tool. If it is in the least bit inconvenient, you throw it out and make another, better Truth. 

But the fact is, our Founding Fathers were not some Christian Crusaders for Life. Even by your own logic, History, Truth, Fact would tell you that. In fact, by your own logic, our Founding Fathers were more like anti-American, Pro-Abortionist Heathens. But hey, what do I know? I'm just a history nerd.


  1. Listening to these people describe what they think our history, and the European history that largely influenced it, was is like being transported to an alternate universe. What's more, it's an alternate universe that not only has a different history, but none of that history makes any sense.

  2. Can't argue with that. Unfortunately for many, history is a matter of perspective. . . it's THEIR history and YOUR history is secondary.
    I love history also, and while I do tend to focus on history that is relevant to me, I also am very aware of all history and try never to trivialize any history.

  3. History is written by the 'winners' what is the true story of what was?

    Excellent post!