Thursday, September 23, 2010

They're All a Bunch of Racists -- My White Boss Informs Me

Out of nowhere this morning:

Mrs. Charlie: You know, with all he's done, if Obama were white, people would be jumping for joy.

Billanthrope: Well, the Republicans would still hate him.

Mrs. Charlie: I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about all the people who call themselves "moderates" and "independents."

Billanthrope: Liberals seem to be hating on him a lot lately, too.

Mrs. Charlie: We all have our problems with him, of course. I've just been noticing lately that people keep complaining about how he's not doing anything. But he's actually done a lot. It's just no one is giving him credit for what he's done. And I'm just starting to think it's because he's black.

Billanthrope: Well, Mrs. Charlie, we black folks are raised to believe that even if we're twice as good as white people, we still won't be considered an equal--or something along those lines.

Mrs. Charlie: I guess I'm finally starting to come around to that way of thinking. I guess it's because I'm white.

Billanthrope: I guess we should be getting back to work, shouldn't we, Mrs. Charlie?

Mrs. Charlie: Good idea, Bill.


  1. "Mrs. Charlie" had an epiphany. We need to embrace and nurture such transformations. It might catch on.

    Hope you are well Bill. I was wondering where you've been.

  2. Sag Hill--I sure do hope so. It's far from perfect, but I think we are actually inching towards something better in this country--which is pretty much the only way this country ever moves.

    As for me, I was trying to write novels, start podcasts, work, be a semi-decent husband and father. You know ... life and the struggling artist. But it's good to be back. I need to revisit your blog. It's always been a pleasure.

  3. Sounds like you're living a good life Bill. Same here.

    Yes, in the grand scheme of things, we live in a progressive society. It just doesn't seem like it when we have people trying to move us back into the 19th Century.