Monday, October 18, 2010

You Make It Too Easy, Angela

Today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that German multiculturalism "utterly failed". Now, there are waaaayyyyyyy too obvious jokes we can make here ("Are we talking 1940 or 2010?" "Have you come up with a Final Solution yet, Angela?") that I'll refrain from making (oh, wait a second ...). I can deliver a whole bunch of rants about how Europeans love immigrants to lighten their load but not darken their doorsteps or, worse yet, their bloodstreams. I can go on and on about how fucked up race-baiting for votes is. I can even get smug and scoff about how this is just your colonialist past coming to bite you in the ass (though that wouldn't be too accurate in Germany's case--but when has being factually wrong stopped a blogger from ranting?).

Instead of all that, though, I simply want to ask a question to all these anti-immigrant white Europeans and European-Americans:

If you didn't want all these Third World darky immigrants
coming to your country to fill your own labor shortages
in the first place,
why didn't you just have more white babies?

I'm just sayin'...


  1. There are plenty of families making more white babies. They're called Roman Catholics, Pentecostals, and Mormons.

  2. Here, Mark, check this out:

    Apparently, the other religions aren't pulling their weight. :)

  3. WHAT?! You expect MY white baby to do the landscaping, clean the pool and scrub the floors!? Come on Bill.
    This whole non issue of "illegal immigration" illustrates 1. how fucking stupid the general electorate proles are and 2. how the power mongers and opinion manipulators can take something that they profit from and turn it into an issue to rally the proles against fully knowing that nothing will ever come of it. ditto: "pro-life."

  4. SagHill, I couldn't agree with you more.